All About Celia Kay

Celia Kay is a gluten free lifestyle and psychology researcher and writer, and an award-winning creative nonfiction writer based in New York City. Her areas of interest include the relationship between psychological disorders and physical activity, and philosophy of mind. She is a runner and dancer, and is dedicated to finding connections between a healthy body and a healthy mind.

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3 thoughts on “All About Celia Kay

    • While pure oats are indeed gluten-free, you still want to be sure that the oatmeal you’re having for breakfast has not been contaminated. Most oats sold are processed in plants that also process wheat, rye, and barley–all of which contain gluten. This means that by the time the oat is ready for you to consume, it may contain trace amounts of gluten. Depending on how sensitive you are to gluten, this may cause discomfort.

      It’s important also to be aware that contamination can happen when oats are grown next to a wheat field. So how do you know when your oatmeal is pure and safe to eat (without having to trace your oats back to their roots…)?

      There are a few companies that sell pure, gluten-free oats. If you have a gluten sensitivity, try Gluten Free Oats, Gifts of Nature, Creamhill Estates, and Bob’s Red Mill.

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